[unpaid/affiliate] Heard of Comfortcore? You can basically add the word ‘core’ to anything you can think of and it’s immediately a fashion trend. Comfortcore is just a fraction different to lounge wear in that it’s dressing for comfort with texture and fluidity such as boucle, jersey or velvet, but not forgetting the style. So, your fleece onesie won’t do quite do but faded joggers will if you chuck a jacket on. I know. Best of all, it’s a look for all shape, ages and sizes.  Mostly, I’ve gone for items from Hush because that brand just does comfortcore to perfection. I’d suggest, when it comes to bottoms, if you’re on the shorter side, like me, bite the bullet and get them taken up leaving them just about an inch too long – there’s no room for precision in this look. Joggers tend not to come in different leg lengths but those without a cuff bottom can be folded up or taken up (I can never fold to quite the perfection seen on models!). Pretty much what takes a lounge to comfortcore is a jersey jacket.

M&S has a jersey jacket that fits the bill – if you’re not ready yet, it’s a staple at Uniqlo but theirs haven’t arrived yet. I’m always a bit wary of full on colour jackets or suits because they somehow look like airline uniforms (orange just reminds me of Easyjet) but I think this green is working really quite nicely and will be a best colour friend to jeans. It comes in green, navy, taupe and black (thankfully!). It has the same comfort feel as a cardi but elevates everything, and just like a cardi, if your coat is roomy enough you can wear it underneath that. It’s £39 HERE.

You can put a black and white stripy t-shirt – long or short sleeve – under this (Autograph has a great one HERE), with black joggers and you are completely done although I’ve got to say that the De Nada t-shirt is getting ever closer to my basket. I like a Hush t-shirt because they don’t have a tight neckline, instead sit wider and a bit looser than most. The t-shirt is £35 HERE.

Black or beige with these Morgan joggers, £45 HERE. If you’re wondering what to wear on your feet, I’d just say trainers every single time although if you’ve got Doc Martens, go right ahead! You could also look at the Lindsey joggers which are plain HERE.

I don’t think you can get more Comfortcore than a jersey jumpsuit – so nearly a onesie but just not quite :-). This is a great all year rounder – a cami t-shirt underneath and a long line hoodie over the top if you don’t want a jacket. In fact, that long line hoodie cardi is a very useful buy – it starts at Size 12 and goes up to 26 and is reduced from £89 to £69 HERE.

This jumpsuit does it all – it’s jersey and has it’s own hood (just flip it out of the top of your jacket. AND it’s in the sale from £89 to £36 HERE. I think its my top buy, along with the t-shirt. The Liberte sweatshirt, if you fancy a pop of colour is £65 HERE. So, that’s it – do shop around – jersey jackets will be popping up everywhere I should imagine and not all the stores have their full complement of spring yet. I don’t save my jackets for spring and summer – I have a nice, accommodating coat and the whole outfit just goes underneath. Oh, and if you wonder about cold legs – long socks. I’m a convert and got mine from M&S HERE.

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