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[unpaid/affiliate/ad] I love a black dress in summer – I know it goes against hot weather thinking but unless you are out toiling the fields or similar, heat absorption is not the problem we were led to believe it might be! More fashion rule that need sending to their grave.


I’m kicking off with this flouncy number – all dresses are H&M by the way who have more black dresses than you can shake a stick at. It’s £29.99 HERE. It’s possibly the only time I’d consider a handkerchief hem but the fact that it’s so floaty and gauzy makes me forgive it anything. If you’re worried about what bra to put underneath it, finding the strapless Wacoal Halo Lace has been a gamechanger for me. It’s £40 HERE at John Lewis. The neck and back has quite a dip but those shoestring straps are easy to take up with a couple of stitches if it’s just a little bit low for your comfort level.

If you are lucky enough to have boobs that will nicely plop into the shelf on this dress, I’m getting very modern Jane Austin vibes from this. You do not have to keep it as off the shoulder as it’s shown here – I prefer this type of neck line to look less orchestrated so one shoulder a little up, the other a little down is fine (the whole ‘I might fall off’ thing is super sexy’) as is both more up – in other words, don’t focus on precision. It’s £27.99 HERE. Again, the Wacoal bra will be your friend.

If you like your dresses with some volume, this button front dress with an optional waist tie, is just the ticket. Fabric is described as an ‘airy weave’ and is unlined. Add a big sun hat, look enigmatic and start your career as a secret murder-mystery writer. I love this – it’s so elegant. It’s £34.99 HERE.

Along the same vein but with a beautiful drop shoulder, this dress is perfect for showing off your best necklaces or ear-rings. I like the waftiness of it, I like the simplicity of it and I like the crepe weave fabric that’s just an extra nice detail. It’s £34.99 HERE. It’s begging for a raffia basket full of market fruit and fresh baguettes, isn’t it?

Incidentally, I wanted to reassure you that while I haven’t bought and tried on these dresses I have been in store to look at as many as my local branch has (not always in black – the ruffle dress is the middle one) so that I’m as sure as I can be they won’t be disappointing.

This is the one you can just chuck on and go – it’s pretty much straight up and down (not bodycon) in a linen jersey blend – go one size up if you want it super loose – and it’s got a scoopy neck which I think is very flattering for anyone at all. There is a slit up one side which makes me think of it for holidays and mooching to the beach but also for garden drinks or hot day walks – think of all the extra breeze that slit will bring! It’s £29.99 HERE. One of the joys of summer is wearing 3 items only – bra, knickers, dress. It’s the most uncomplicated way to dress and usually only possible when it’s hot, hot, hot.

Accessories wise, to raise the level and the look, sunglasses a must – above are an aspirational pair from Chanel (I say aspirational because I would very much like them!) for £420 HERE.  It looks like there is only one pair in stock but these have different lenses – these have a grey/black gradient but there are other options for blue/black and so on. That said, do have a look at TKMaxx because they have some beautiful designer sunglasses on offer HERE, including several ‘gold label’ options and this one HERE at £99 I would snap up in a heartbeat. Not allowed to mention certain brands and these are from one of those ‘shy’ brands.

Shoe wise, I’m not seeing how you can go wrong with these Fitflop sliders but they are on the pricy side at £180 HERE. As you know, I’m mad for Fitflops – I just live in them in summer (and in winter when it comes to it in boot version) but the Lulus are more acceptably priced at £70 HERE – go all in and get the gold!

Bag wise, if you can’t face one of those big straw affairs, I’d once again recommend the Uniqlo cross bodies – I have both cream and black and go nowhere without them. They’re ridiculously capacious for such a small thing and won’t wreck your bare shoulders. They’re £14.90 HERE.



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