Britishbeautyblogger is a Pro-Blog, meaning that it is my primary job and a profit making blog. I make charges for sponsored posts, advertising, consulting and countdowns. I also use Affiliate Windows and RewardStyle for affiliate linking. If you aren’t sure what affiliate linking is, it means that if I use a link to a product and you buy it, I will then get a small (very small!) portion of that sale. However, please bear in mind that part of BBB is to show new products that aren’t yet launched so not everything by any means is affiliate linked. I also show a lot of product from other countries and they aren’t affiliate linked. I don’t flag every affiliate link individually but if in doubt, always ask me and I am happy to let you know. If I use an affiliate link in a tweet (occasionally I will do this if I think a product is about to sell out for example and don’t have time to get a full post out) I will clearly mark it AL.

Everything on BBB is as transparent as I can make it – most products are sent to me for free for me to review and discuss on the blog so you can safely assume that unless otherwise stated, I haven’t bought it myself.

I don’t promote products I don’t like or like the look of, I don’t take ads or promoted material from anyone whose products I object to or actively dislike and I never, ever say something’s great when it isn’t. There is nothing hidden on BBB and nobody can buy their way to a good review.

Any questions, please feel free to email me at

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