[unpaid/sample/ad] A few years ago, Vitamin D in skin care was being hailed a new hero but barely five minutes pass in beauty world without some new ingredient being greeted like the next skin star. Somehow, it didn’t really catch on in the way that, say Vitamin C, has. But, Vitamin D has been shown to improve barrier function and promote healthy skin cell growth, so it’s it seems like a good thing to have in any sort of skin care.

Zeg Vitamin D Body Cream

In this version, from Zeg, a company based in Georgia, Vitamin D3 is combined with squalane and hyaluronic acid (first two ingredients after water) to make a silkening body lotion that is at one with your skin moments after application. It’s hard to say what the claims are because it seems to be about keeping skin ‘fresh’ which just isn’t a thing for body lotion in my book. Freshening my skin isn’t what I’m after in a body lotion – keeping it hydrated and supple and silky looking is. So, perhaps a bit more information is needed both on the packaging and their website.

It’s certainly a beautiful consistency with no residue or tackiness whatsoever – I think you can safely slip into your jeans immediately. The word ‘zeg’ means the day after tomorrow which is the cornerstone of the brand’s philosophy – that you future proof the health of your skin over time rather than rely on quick fixes. It’s £49 for 240ml so you need to be quite heavily invested in that mantra. I can’t complain about it at all really – it would be out of reach for me personally to use on a regular basis but if your budget bears it well, then it’s a treat. Find it HERE.



Vitamin D is involved in differentiation and regulation of growth of keratinocytes, enhances expression of proteins involved in barrier function, and demonstrates protective effect against microbial attack, environmental aggressors and stressed conditions.

Vitamin D Body Cream by ZEG Skincare is an invigorating product that uses a form of vitamin D3 called Cholecalciferol, with moisturizing anti-oxidant and skin nourishing benefits.. Combined with the ultra moisturizing benefits of olive derived Squalane, water loving Hyaluronic Acid and Chamomile Extract, this super-hydrating formula provides necessary moisture to keep your skin fresh.

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