Yope Natural Shower Gel

Polish brand Yope is really all of the fun – they’re budget friendly, fine for sensitive skin and tap into the growing eco-market that’s getting a big boost from millenials who consider sustainability, environmental impact and a green ingredient list highly important when choosing beauty or personal care products. It’s not a question of hugging yurts or crocheting your own socks from tree bark – millenials aren’t quite that committed: they’re prepared to pay more for someone else to hug that yurt. So, what’s surprising about Yope is that they’re not chasing that extra euro or pound despite the fact that consumers are willing to pay. They’re completely affordable at £5.99 for a shower gel with no parabens, silicones, colourants, SLEs and SLSs. Further more, Yope has hidden the usual apologetic eco packaging with some very cool designs that are quirky and interesting.

Yope Natural Shower Gel

The brand is transparent on the labelling from the very get go about just how natural they’ve managed to get each product. I have never, in all my life, thought that what is missing from my bathroom is a St John’s Wort or a Boswellia Shower Gel, so I think this collection is a very odd choice although I’m on board with Geranium. I like the look of their hand washes better – Vanilla Cinnamon, Fig Tree or Verbena – but more importantly, they’re all made to a neutral pH which is helpful for not causing dryness after washing. Being completely honest, you don’t get a high fragrance although it’s adequate, but despite that I’m kind of won over by this brand which just has a very positive vibe about it from top to bottom.

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