ThisWorks Sleep Power Nap Spray

Is it wrong that I like the T-Shirt that came with this product more than the actual product? What a genius piece of marketing – I can see me napping on a plane wearing this and finding myself tres amusing ;-). Actually, not true that I like one over the other: I like them both for different reasons. I used to be such a good power napper but don’t do it so much these days … I have a sneaky feeling that power naps come when you need them and not when you don’t. When I was younger, a nap in the day was the worst possible thing I could do – I’d wake up feeling groggy, not refreshed, and actually a bit disoriented – it wasn’t a nice thing. But then, naps came super easily (children, job, not enough down-time or good quality sleep) and felt refreshing. Now, in general, I sleep alright (I have phases like everyone else) so don’t feel short on energy and naps rarely factor.

ThisWorks Sleep Power Nap Spray

So, to the actual product. This is a sleep product by another name – nap or the whole eight hours. I don’t know whether it’s the power of suggestion but as soon as I spritzed it I started yawning. It’s very powerful combination of  lavender, vetivert and chamomile and when I check the published ingredient list of fragrances on the ThisWorks website, it’s exactly the same as the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (no wonder I’m yawning). There is something about this potent mix that does invoke the sleeps so I guess it won’t matter where and when you use it if you feel you need it. I’d take this on a plane with me in a heartbeat because I love a plane sleep and I’m going to keep it by my bed for the 4am worries. There’s no doubt in my mind that it will help and £15 very well spent HERE at M&S.


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