[unpaid/sample/affiliate/prioradrelationship] Anyone fancy slipping into a smoothie? I’ve been talking about bath treats over on Instagram with lots of suggestions from followers for the ultimate indulgent bath treats (it was, believe it or not, International Bathing Day on Sunday…. one day I’ll get to the bottom of who actually calls these days…) ranging from cheap and cheerful to luxury suds. One thing was clear though – we really put a lot of thought into what we’re bathing in because that tub is such a personal sanctuary.

The Body Shop New Bath Blends

These are make-you-smilers – the fragrances are so true to the names on the bottles in such huge, fruity bursts that I’ll guarantee those mouth corners will go up! There’s a sweet spot with fruity beauty where it’s fragranced enough to be the olfactory thing you expect but soapy enough to convince you that you’re not just stepping into a tub of mushy berries.  Actually, speaking of, The Body Shop uses fruit for the Bath Blends that otherwise would go to waste whether it’s a bruised or wonky banana or pear or fruit oils from juice and jam-making industries.

The Body Shop New Bath Blends

The big hitters, fragrance wise, are the Berry Blend which is predominantly strawberry and completely delicious, and Mango which is just so er, mango-ish! But bear in mind they are blends so you might get a stray whiff of carrot (in the Mango blend) or similar so do check the packaging. The Pear Blend is a bit more gentle, as is the Banana Blend which is the only one I don’t immediately like the look of. Banana, especially if you’re sticking to natural formulas, is always hard to stop going a bit sludgy looking and there’s definitely a soapy backdrop to the scent but you will get the creamy hit of a freshly peeled banana if that’s your search.

The Body Shop New Bath Blends

There’s plenty of foam if you love a bubbly bath (my plastic free rubber ducky friend is a gift from the brand) and it’s a non-drying formula. I can’t say I found it actively hydrating but there was no tight skin post soak and that will very much do. As always, Community Fair Trade is included in each blend and the bottles are made from 50% post-consumer recycled plastic.

The Body Shop

I made some fruity lollies a couple of weeks ago and the thought of them prompted the idea that you could slosh in a bit of this and a bit of that to your bath and literally make a fruit-cocktail tub. They’re £8 each which seems more than reasonable. Find them HERE, non affiliate link HERE.


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