[purchase/affiliate/prioradrelationship] So, I’ve stocked up on The Body Shop Hand Cleansing Gels in my local store (which was a) empty and b) doing the whole distancing thing really well while still managing to be friendly and helpful). I expect we’ve all noticed by now that all fragranced sanitizers are not equal.

The Body Shop Hand Cleanse Gels

With some, I’ve found that after the alcohol blast (which they all have for obvious reasons) the fragrance disappears very quickly. I understand there’s a lot of evaporation going on but I like to have a little bit of scent left because otherwise we might as well just buy the most basic, unscented varieties – if I’ve paid extra for a nice smell, I want to know it exists! Happy to report that the mango scent does indeed remain – in a mellow but obvious manner.

The Body Shop Hand Cleanse Gels

Same with the coconut – it’s definitely a stayer but in more of a raw, milky coconut note than the sweetened coconut scents we are used to. It’s quite a smooth aroma. These are 73% alcohol (kills 99.9% of bacteria) and are vegan – I don’t find them at all drying (and I’ve used them several times for smell testing). I’ve got little bottles in every single bag plus more in a box which contains all our protective stuff like masks and wipes for surface cleaning and these are welcome additions to the stash.

It’s funny how we now have so much choice – with much, much more to come I am sure (it’s got to be only a matter of time before Jo Malone jumps on board). I was using bubblegum and Jelly Belly blueberry at the outset because it was all I had – I quite liked it! Anyway, these are £2.50 each so nothing to break the bank – I’m certain there will be more options in due course. Find them HERE, non affiliate HERE.

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