[productsample/affiliatelink] Cooling, crackling foams aren’t something you come across every day – I’ve reviewed one or two before and they’re literally the iciest things you can put on your body, barring actual ice. With a heat-wave looming, this could not be more timely!

Soap & Glory Crackling Cooling Mousse

If you have sensitive skin, this isn’t for you, which isn’t to say it’s bad for you, but most of the benefit comes from the cooling rather than the hydration. Nominally, it contains vitamin E, papaya and ginseng but they’re outshone by butane, water and alcohol. The scent is a melon-coconut kind of arrangement – it’s lovely and tropical, that’s for sure and the cooling effect really, really works.

Soap & Glory Crackling Cooling Mousse

There wasn’t as much of a crackle as I was expecting, but my arm is still icy from when I started writing this and testing it out. Genuine heat relief as long as you don’t mind smelling like a Chewit, and ALL of the fun (thinking some school holiday, hot day distraction here but obviously it’s not billed as a children’s product). I love products like this that are all about the novelty and experience – definitely worth it just to marvel at how cold it makes your skin! It’s a reasonable £8 HERE which is the cheapest I’ve ever seen a cooling mousse. HOLD ON… I’ve just done a price check and it’s currently on offer for £5.33.

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