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I could have sworn that I’d written about this exciting social enterprise that produces the most beautiful soaps in an ethical and sustainable process. Not only are the products made in a traditional workshop based in The Lake District, but the brand actively employs, and seeks to employ, those with sight difficulties, disabilitites or disadvantages. All profits go straight back into the company so that they can grow to produce more and employ more.

Even if you’re not persuaded by eco products, I think Soap Co’s credentials will make you take a second look. It turns out that I HAVE written about their parent company, Clarity Employment for Blind People and the UK’s oldest surviving social enterprise, which began in 1854. Soap Co. is kind of the ‘cool’ arm by the looks of things proving that smart design and great products don’t need to be strangers to social responsiblity. I’m surprised, to be honest, that I’m not yet seeing it all over the interiors and lifestyle blogs – it’s so stylish! It aims to be a stepping stone into further employment or to provide long term employment if necessary. People are amazing, given the right support and environment, and that’s different for each and every one of us. Without opportunity, many never do quite get to show who they can be and how bright they can shine, and I just feel so grateful that employers like this exist.


Soap Co

So, a quick run through of how meticulous this brand is when it comes to responsibility:

  • Soap is made from natural oils like olive and coconut, sustainable palm oil, distilled water from the Lake District, alongside the Lye , cocoa butter, a few drops of fragrance and Provitamin B5.
  • Fragrance and additionals such as poppy seed or lemon peel is added by hand.
  • Bars are hand stamped with a logo before also being stamped with the name of the person who crafted this bar for you.
  • Soaps are hand wrapped in a compostable bio-film called ‘NatureFlex™ 30NK’ which looks and feels just like plastic made from petrochemicals but made from wood pulp.
  • For wrapping, uncoated Corona Offset 100gsm white paper made from 100% deinked, chlorine free waste paper is used. The paper is made primary from office waste, magazines and newspapers.
  • Soap Co uses minimal black only ink to aid composting and recycling and reduce contaminants in the supply chain.
  • Soap is sealed by wrapping it up  and adding a compostable label with all our ingredients and information on, which uses BioTAK® biodegradable non-toxic adhesive from their supplier.
  • Soap Co

So far, I’m loving the clean hit of the Citrus Hand Wash (£12 HERE) and the gentle floral scent of Wild Fig & Black Poppy Soap (£7 HERE) – thank you Billy for making it! Mother’s Day is coming up – and, top tip for avoiding yet more chocolate; soaps for Easter gifting. It lasts longer than a Cream Egg and you won’t feel even a tiny shred of guilt – quite the opposite in fact.

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