[unpaid/sample] We’ve all done it – exfoliated, moisturised, applied so carefully, and still ended up with patches of self-tan not doing at all what you wanted it to. I very rarely crack out the self-tan other than on my face, neck and chest because it seem so hard to get right particularly on my feet where I’ve somehow got dry patches at the top and on my toes. I remember the very good tip – still stands today – of using milk to remove self-tan (lactic acid) but it’s not as effective as Rose & Caramel Self Tan Remover.

Rose & Caramel Self Tan Remover

I have put the 60 Second Tan Removal to the test by tanning part of my arm and removing it the following day. I did take pictures but they seem rather pointless because one is a tanned patch on my arm and one is no patch on my arm but at least it proved to me that removal method works. Actually, I needed to do it twice for the sixty seconds but I think maybe if I’d left it for a little longer, once would have been fine. The actual product is a weird grey – it smells good though and contains fine grains to act as a physical exfoliant. The main ingredient for self tan removal here however is urea which acts as a chemical exfoliant. The other ingredients are there to ensure your skin doesn’t dry out – which it doesn’t.


I think I’d be inclined to use the bubble bath first and then take off any really tricky bits with the one minute remover – a little goes a long way and the tub is £29.99 so you probably want to eke it out. If you’re a regular self-tanner then you will know all the pitfalls – I really think there is an absolute art to it and know that I do not have it mastered yet. If you’re not a regular but fancy a go, having this or something similar on hand just in case is wise! You can find Rose & Caramel Self Tan Remover 200ml HERE (£19.99) and 400ml HERE 




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