REN Atlantic Kelp Anti Fatigue Bath Oil

I know.. I’ll stop with the tulip pictures – they’re on their last legs anyway but I feel so lucky to have had these amazing flowers that I can’t stop putting them in pics! No need to tell anyone that’s the toaster you can see in the background. So, remember I did an overnighter in Cornwall with REN a month or so ago to experience this range? Well, the full set has now arrived and by far and way my favourite thing is the Anti Fatigue Bath Oil. I tried this in Cornwall and put its effects down to being away in a luxy location but it’s just as lovely in the not-so luxy location of my bathroom in South East London.


I don’t think I need to tell you that magnesium is awesome stuff – good for achy, stiff joints and tired muscles but also a powerful relaxer. And yes, your skin can absorb it which is why it’s so good in a bath mixed with hot, comforting water. Nominally, the REN range is all about anti-pollution by allowing cells to rid themselves of toxins – trace elements allow oxygen to reach skin more effectively and therefore you should have happier skin cells. I would say that none of this is as obvious as the sense of wellbeing that comes from the ozonic scent and the just-there tingly feel that comes with the bath oil and there’s an argument for leaving cells to fend for themselves and just enjoy the physical and mental pleasures of bathing. You can, after all, buy some magnesium flakes but you then won’t get the oil benefits or the fragrance. The ‘energising’ element is in the cell detox by the way – you will feel very relaxed post bath.

My top picks from the range are the Bath Oil (it’s not an oily oil, just nicely skin softening without leaving a ring in the bath) which is frankly too expensive at £26 for 110ml so save it for treats, the Body Wash, £16 and the Exfoliating Salt Scrub, £26. Because I’ve been behind the scenes, so to speak, I know this a very thoughtful and considered range – the people who formulate and research don’t get a say in the pricing incidentally, and that’s where the integrity and the passion behind this collection lies. If you’re a fan of REN Moroccan Rose Bath Oil, expect to feel equally beguiled by this. It hasn’t quite launched yet – should be any day now.




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