Origins Comfort Mood

There is no surer sign in beauty land that the seasons are changing when all the beautiful new body products start rolling in. They’re dedicated to those cold, grey skied evenings when only a hot, steaming bath will do to bring warmth and comfort. The Origins Comfort Mood collection is perfect timing – it’s a new three part collection entirely dedicated to soothing indulgence. I’m not even a vanilla fan particularly, but the scent is like being wrapped in a cashmere blanket – it’s soft, gourmande but not sickly and has a fruity backdrop of feel-good fragrances, orange and lemon. I’m telling you, it’s a joy! The three products are: Comfort Mood Whipped Vanilla body soufflé £28, Comfort Mood Ultra-rich Vanilla body butter £30 and Comfort Mood Silky Vanilla hand cream £17.50. I’d personally bypass the hand cream and head straight to the Body Souffle when it launches in November.

Origins Salt Suds

While I’m on the subject of Origins and things that smell lovely, Origins Salt Suds – I must have smelled this before but don’t remember doing so; it’s not a new product but it is quite hard to track down, but very, very well worth it. It isn’t even appearing on the Origins website, so I imagine it will be an in-store only at the moment. The scent of Origins Salt Suds is a kind of sugared spearmint – just a lovely rush of freshness and sweetness and it’s power-packed in strength so there’s absolutely no doubt of what you’re smelling. I prefer straightforward scents – a shower is no place to be trying to discern complicated notes. I should also say that as a foaming body wash, I found it to be not at all drying, and it gives good foam! Good luck in tracking it, but it’s very well worth it! I’m wondering if it’s a repackage and revamp of an existing scent? Anyone?

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