M&S Ragdale Hall Sleep Bath Infusion

You know when something just hasn’t been thought through? Well, see Exhibit A above. On the face of it, it’s a lovely, soothing bath salt mix (in fact, it IS a lovely, soothing bath salt mix), but two things. First, the tin lid is so stiff that if you haven’t broken your nails taking it off, you need to be aware that when it does come off, the salts are loose inside the tin. So, a jarring action is needed and the salts fly everywhere. Fine if you’re doing it over the bath, but take a dustpan and brush if you’re opening it elsewhere (Exhibit B is my kitchen floor, but I’ve spared you a photo). So, this, in my view, couldn’t be easily opened by anyone elderly for example or with joint mobility issues.

M&S Ragdale Hall Sleep Bath Infusion

Second thing is the little bag. You are invited (on the instructions) to either put a handful directly into your bath, or spoon (no spoon provided) it into the mesh bag and hang it on the top of your tap so the water cascades over it and dissolves the salts OR just throw the full bag into the bath. I do not know what taps they have at Ragdale or at Marks & Spencer, but it doesn’t work. I’ve tried it on three sets of taps and in all cases it either slides off or the water misses the salts.

I find this kind of lack of attention to detail so irritating – this is such a giftable product, especially for someone unwell, struggling to sleep or someone older and it’s probably going to cause more stress than it soothes! Its £12.50 HERE. On the plus, it’s really well scented with lavender and chamomile – you get a very good burst of both.

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