[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Dedicated as I am, I’ve drawn the line at testing my all-time favourite product from Mio – Liquid Yoga, which is best experienced after a work out in a hot bath. I actually think I’d need resuscitating. As soon as the temperature cools, it’s the first thing I’ll be trying but until then, the line is drawn :-).

Mio Revamp

Instead, I’ve been looking at the two new shower/body products – Clay Away Body Cleanser and Sun-Drenched Body Wash. You can use Clay Away either as a purifying body wash (good for bacne or clogged pores) or a two minute flash mask for a more intense body treatment before washing off. I did the latter – my skin definitely felt smoother as a result although I can’t speak for any longer term effects as I don’t have body blemishes (at the moment).

It’s got a bit a of eucalyptus kick to it and looks a bit like avocado puree. The clay element of this mask is good for excess oil so you could easily do some patch masking on just the areas that need it rather than doing the whole body – which is a faff unless you’re really in the mood for it.

Mio Revamp

This is my favourite of the two. Sun-drenched Body Wash uses minerals to give a pearlescent quality to the formula which I think accounts for the ‘illuminating’ claim (it left just one or two little twinkles on my skin). The draw for me is that it’s a body micellar which I like – I can’t remember coming across one before – but in use, you won’t particularly notice that it’s micelles doing the cleansing as it feels like any other body wash. Maybe a bit more moisturising actually because of the andiroba oil (same family as neem); there’s no stripping feel.  You will notice a gorgeous citrus scent which is a combination of orange and orange blossom.

Mio Revamp

Both are very welcome in my bathroom but I’d usher in anything orangey first! Clay Away is £21 and Sun-drench is £19 HERE, non affiliate HERE.  I like these for being a bit different and for having another element that’s over and above washing your skin which makes them feel more ‘beauty’ than utility. Liquid Yoga when the sun goes away :-).


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