[productsample] One of the reasons that I’m drawn to La-Eva Roseum Wash is that it’s so on message for today’s consumer. You can use this on hands, body and face meaning that it’s a waste saving multi-tasker. Of course the glass is recyclable but better than that, the brand offers a refill service so that initial purchase bottle will last as long as you want it to. Unexpectedly, there is a refill station in Blackheath so I won’t have to go far at all!

La-Eva Roseum Wash

As far as the actual wash inside – it’s lovely. Gentle, aromatic and fresh – I have the same anticipatory feeling with this as I do if I go to a posh ladies’ room in a hotel and find Aesop Resurrection Hand Wash. It feels like an absolute treat and so far that feeling hasn’t got old.

La-Eva Roseum Wash

The ingredients are 80% organic (I’m not sure which ones aren’t organic but it’s a decent %). I had an initial disappointment with Blu Lotion when I discovered that it’s not even a tiny bit blue but then remembered all the hoo-ha about blue dye in a certain facial product and felt quite relieved that La-Eva didn’t even countenance going there! I think if you like your products natural, aromatic and as gentle on the environment as commercially possible, this is a brand to take a longer look at. They’ve got a list of the refill stations on their website but I imagine they’re going to be cropping up everywhere. There are 3 Anthropologie stores that refill and I’m hopeful that will roll out a bit further so that crucial aspect becomes more viable.

The prices are in treat bracket although you can choose your size from 200ml or 500ml starting at £18 and rising to £35 which does seem steep, although I am sure refilling will reduce some of that cost. You can check out La-Eva HERE.

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