[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Today is the launch of the Alicia Keys body care line – straight into Harrods, thank you very much. The collection from the singer is really a call to positivity while you care for yourself and it doesn’t make any bones about that. If you are in a mindful mood you might take some inspiration from words of confidence and positivity and if you’re not in a mindful mood, you’ll still have deliciously soft skin so it’s a win either way.

Keys Soulcare Body

Starting with the Rich Nourishing Body Cream (£35) – it is exactly as stated; rich and nourishing. It’s soft, buttery and very moisturising. There’s a high shea butter content which I knew from the moment I tried it because of the instant relief it gave to the skin on my hands and arms.

Keys Soulcare Body

In terms of fragrance, those that can’t be doing with highly scented creams will appreciate the light nature of the fragrancing. It is very subtle – oat milk and sage (really, I can hardly smell anything at all). The Body & Handwash (£24) is very gentle – again, it’s oat milk and sage but is a bit stronger in this product. It’s a clean and soothing scent although I am curious about why they put the affirmation (I Love Myself As I Am) on the back where it’s not going to be seen nearly as often as if it were on the front. There’s room! Like Victoria Beckham did, Alicia Keys has worked with a dermatologist for this range which I think is very sensible – everyone playing to their strengths. I think perhaps you have to be an Alicia Keys fan to really get to grips with this range but there are millions of them so it’s a ready audience. I’m not particularly a fan but I’d still happily give these products house room and be glad to have them. You can find the new Keys Soulcare products HERE, non-affiliate HERE.


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