[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Launched in 2020, Keys Soulcare is going from strength to strength. Maybe we have cynical expectations of ‘celebrity’ brands (Alicia Keys is the founder) but the wisest are using the sound knowledge of professional dermatologists and leaving it up to them to do the skin wisdom while they do the messaging. Interestingly, the dermatologist in question is Dr Renee Snyder, also co-founder of Keys Soulcare and advisor to E.L.F. cosmetics.

Keys Body Care

I’m quite keen on body balms – they make you focus on your skin a bit more than a quick slosh of lotion and are especially lovely after a warm shower or bath when your skin literally invites the melt and massage process. The formula isn’t complicated but it’s using the ingredients of coconut oil and shea butter at their very best – smooth, silky and very skin nourishing. Given that this brand is very much about treating body and soul, the fragrance is oatmilk and sage (which usually gives me Sunday roast vibes but the milkiness masks that foodie note). A mantra comes with each product – in this case, it’s ‘you cherish all that you are’. I’m not sure personally how helpful this is but if it strikes a chord with anyone, it has done its job. The balm is £25.

Keys Body Care

I like a body polish as well – the perfect thing to use before the balm. It’s got glycolic and lactic acid which really are needed to give next level smoothness, and bamboo charcoal as the physical and cleansing aspect. Acid body products are popping up everywhere – remember when there was only really Ameliorate? They make such a big difference when you compare them to salt or sugar scrubs or anything rough feeling because they rely so heavily on scrubbing and on reflection, I’m not sure they’re great for skin. That said, give me a pot of Fresh Sugar Body Polish and I am happy. At £25, it’s sitting quite nicely in its price bracket – Ameliorate is £24. I can take or leave the body brush.

Keys Body Care

Lastly, for now, the Nourishing Cleansing Balm (for the face, but since I’m here…). I very much enjoyed using this grey balm, made so by bamboo charcoal that purifies and removes excess oil – although the next ingredients are sunflower seed, macadamia seed and shea butter so I am not sure I fully understand the logic. That said, it is the most silky and delightful balm that cleansed very thoroughly and left my skin feeling soft.

I feel as though a lot of thought has been given to the textures – the cleansing balm feels exceptional. I’m not, I don’t think, the target market for this range but my niece absolutely loves it – she might have to physically wrestle than balm from me though! It’s £30. The whole collection is HERE.


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