[productsample] If you’ve read this site for a while you’ll know that I’m so easily swayed by a supplement. I have a list a mile long of supplements to try and I take several every day (memory permitted) as it is. Every time I go to health food store, I have to stop myself sweeping the shelves. As far as beauty supplements go, I’ve taken Imedeen for several years now and I also take Kansha Alchemy Good Hair – I’ve dabbled with others of course, but they’re my two non-negotiable ones.

Kansha Alchemy Super Skin Supplements

I’ve known the founder of Kansha Alchemy for many years so I’ve got first hand experience of her passion and commitment – not to mention her encylopedic knowledge of vitamins and minerals – to creating supplements that don’t feed fear but do feed the places that need them. I consider Good Hair my belt and braces supplement because I don’t, down the line, want to lose my hair or lose the condition of it. I feel it keeps my hair healthy and growing well but it’s hard one to downright prove. Where I’ve seen an indisputable result is in my nails  – no longer flakey and hard to grow. It’s hard, too, to absolutely prove that collagen supplements work because there are so many variables, from health to age to diet to lifestyle, that can change and transform. However, I’ve spoken to enough experts on the subject (as recently as last week) to feel that collagen supplements are something beneficial I would like to take. A  quick check of the ingredient list is impressive (B5, calcium, B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Biotin, iodine, collagen* (*Bovine, so not for vegetarians or vegans), keratin.. and on it goes).

I’m at the start of my journey with these supplements but supporting skin structure can only be good. Super Skin uses hydrolyzed collagen types I and III which are the most abundant in human skin to help to reinvigorate your own collagen – i.e. make it perform more strongly within your body. The knock on of this, in theory, is more glowy and robust skin that’s firmer and more able to defend itself from free radicals. Think of it as an energy shot for your complexion. I’m very reluctant to come off Imedeen because I’m sure I don’t need both but feel convinced enough to give Super Skin a go. I wouldn’t expect to see anything tangible for at least six months. So, here goes! If you want to check it out for yourself, head HERE and they’re £32.99 for a month’s supply.


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