[unpaid/sample] If you respond well to aromatherapy oils, take a look at the new Body Splash Oils (formerly Body Bath Oils) from Jane Scrivner. I’ve got Peace and Balance here and both are beautiful blends but I’m leaning more to Peace with its notes of ylang ylang, sandalwood, frankincense and sweet orange. I needn’t bang on about being in testing times but I honestly think the more of any balance or peace you can find, the better.

Jane Scrivner Body Splash

The idea of these oils being a body splash as such is a little misleading – it’s a great name but still, if you’re expecting a water type product you could easily end up sloshing oil all over everything. Cup your palm, pour and then massage over wherever you’d like it, basically. Balance gave an immediate burst of ylang ylang followed by that scent that follows you around whenever you’re in a spa. It’s lovely – a nurturing and pampering blend that won’t solve world issues but will give you a ‘moment’ to trigger a bit of calm.

Jane Scrivner Body Splash

Ironically, Peace is a bit more spicy and feisty – frankincense, myrrh, elemi and benzoin topped with orange is more lively than Balance but none the worse for that. Again, it’s that spa-ish scent that indicates people are being rolled in oils and will emerge happier for it. The carrier oil is jojoba and coconut which is light so you’re not left in a slick, just with a beautiful skin sheen and a scented bod. I think either would be lovely after a long bath before bed – they feel correctly balanced to be just right for skin and senses so a great find for right now. They’re not cheap – £33 each (I’m doing either arms or legs, not both!) so are in treat territory. You can find them HERE.



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