[unpaid/sample] If you’re in the mood for a little luxury, new US based brand, Isa Lazo will pique your curiosity. Developed by mother and daughter duo, Isabel and Heather, Isa Lazo uses considered natural ingredients to create deliciously rich and effective products.

Isa Lazo Skincare

The Body Scrub had me at hello! It’s a fusion of sugar and oils with cranberry seed powder (hence the red tone) that’s a joy to use and leaves skin gleaming and smooth. Sweet almond, coconut, rose, jasmine and argan are amongst the main players – although the scent is earthy and grounding. For some reason I expected it to smell sweet but perhaps the absence of a fragrance ties into the gender neutral approach that Isa Lazo takes (although I’d like to see more of a male presence on their website, if that’s the case).

Isa Lazo Skincare

There are – just now – only four products in the range. A body oil, body scrub, facial toner and facial oil. The body oil is as sumptuous as you’d hope – it’s a very similar composition to the suspension oil of the scrub minus the sugar – and it’s really one of the most hydrating and silkening I think I’ve tried. It’s not scented but you could, if you wanted to, add a couple of skin compatible essential oils – I see what they’re doing regarding gender neutral but something about this made me want it to smell of rose…or jasmine. It’s so luxurious and indulgent I wanted just a bit more but it’s a bonus for those who don’t like fragrance in their products for whatever reason.

Isa Lazo Skincare

The face products are a Facial Oil and a Facial Toner – again, very much following the luxury theme. The Facial Oil is lightweight with linoleic acid, omega 6 and raspberry seed oil and gives immediate skin flexibility and hydration. Personally, I think it’s suitable for day and night. You can really tell, texturally, that you’re dealing with a superior formulation (or perhaps its ingredient quality) – it has such a smooth and velvety feel to it so if you’re a facial oil fan, this is where you should turn your attention. I don’t really feel one way or another about the toner – it’s indicated as anti-inflammatory and is a blend of witch hazel and rose water with additional botanicals. I mean, if you love a toner, then you will like this I am sure, but it doesn’t stand out to me in the way that the other products do.

So, prices – well, first the good news: there’s 15% off across the Isa Lazo site and they offer free postage within the UK. Otherwise, the Facial Oil is $137, the Toner $78, the Body Oil $126 and the Body Scrub $96 HERE. Packaging is glass although recycling and material credentials aren’t listed.



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