[purchase/affiliate] I could hardly believe my eyes when I passed this product in my local Superdrug. Imperial Leather has changed! 

Imperial Leather Juicy Foamburst x Skinny Dip

I love this kind of foamy shower gel – it’s a very satisfactory amount of scented foam that feels gorgeously fluffy and just fun to use. The scent is officially Peach Blush & Tropical Sunshine which is a loose enough title to be just about anything fruity with a bit of peach. And that’s exactly how it squares up scent-wise… a bit peachy (actually quite fresh) and then generic vanilla-ish fruits thereafter. It’s not horrible – in fact, I like it.

Imperial Leather Juicy Foamburst x Skinny Dip

I’m trying hard not to see brains in this picture – but it does illustrate that you get a heck of a lot of foam (the packaging states ’10 x more foam’ but doesn’t say more than what) with this body wash. It’s silky feeling, non-drying and leaves a nuance of a scent trail on the skin – quite honestly, worth every penny of the £3 for an ‘experience’ shower or bath. I’m sure it’s aimed at teens but honestly, who cares. It’s readily available at Boots, Superdrug and supermarkets so I won’t link – but next time you’re doing the shop, worth a look out for an affordable, happy treat.

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