[unpaid/purchase/affiliate/prioradrelationshiop] I’ve taken Imedeen Tan Optimizer every summer for years now – as well as the every day supplements. Even though I don’t actively seek a tan any more, I don’t shy away from the sun completely – more than ever I want my full compliment of Vitamin D.

Imedeen Tan Optimizer

I’ve just bought a new pack so thought I’d do a re-visit. First up, I will say that they do help skin to tan – I pick up the sun more quickly as a result of taking them, even using sunscreen (which you always must do because these are not a substitute). Back in the days of sun lounging, I definitely used them to tan more quickly but now it’s more for a skin protective element and to get more from less sun. Imedeen is really cautious about what they claim for Tan Optimizer – you will get a certain degree of cell protection from the Vitamins C and E (both anti-oxidants) and the tablets themselves don’t turn you any colour.

Imedeen Tan Optimizer

They help to regulate your melanin production so that you have more melanin sitting at the surface of the skin as opposed to having to really ‘work’ at tanning til anything shows. Lycopene, beta-carotene and lutein are all included and if you research independent studies, are shown to improve photo-protection. I am rashy as heck in the sun and feel that these supplements are helpful in that way too although they don’t claim it. In my own mind, it’s a belt and braces thing – I still use sun screen if I’m in the sun for any length of time but feel less anxious dipping in and out. Bottom line is that your relationship with the sun is exclusive to you and only you can decide what is right for you and your own skin. Ideally, you would start taking them at the beginning of the summer but at least 2 weeks before you have any meaningful sun exposure. They’re £40 for two months supply (with an extra 10% off using BEAUTY10 at checkout) HERE, non affiliate HERE. 


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