Iluminage TOUCH

One of my most looked at posts of all time is about hair removal. I’ve seen many, many hair removal gadgets now – some nonsense and others, not bad at all. However, there’s been a lull in the hair removal gadget market for some time in terms of innovation, and at the back of my mind I have felt we can’t have long to wait for the next generation. At last, it’s here.

IluminageTOUCH makes others look clumsy in comparison, but before I dive into the specifics, what makes it different to any other hair removal gadget that I know of is that it can be used on hair and skin of any colour. This is huge. And, a massive relief for those with very fair hair or darker skin tones that have previously been unable to use hair removal gadgets. IPL and laser treatments aren’t okay for dark skin because the pigments absorb too much energy which could damage the skin. For lighter hair (fair, white, or some red) there isn’t enough pigment for them to target.

Iluminage TOUCH uses Elōs technology; a combination of IPL and Radio Frequency energies that are able to penetrate more deeply into the skin and put your active hair follicles to sleep so they stop growing hairs (waxing, by the way, pulls out the hairs, not the follicles – another hair will grow in its place unless the follicle is deactived). To be specific, here’s the low down:

  1. A pulse of elōs is emitted. Together the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and gentle Radio Frequency (RF) penetrates deep into the skin.
  2. The light energy from the IPL is converted into thermal energy, heating up the hair shaft and the hair follicle.
  3. The radio frequency is attracted to the pre-heated follicle, heating it further and putting it to sleep, permanently inhibiting hair re-growth.

The Iluminage TOUCH machine also has an epilating device which means you can epilate first. It’s a long while since I used an epilator but it seems they’ve come on in leaps and bounds because this one was extremely efficient and quick.

Iluminage TOUCH
Iluminage TOUCH (showing where to insert epilator and shaver add ons)

So, my Iluminage TOUCH test was a revelation in home hair removal – the window is big enough that you get a good area covered each time and it auto-flashes on the skin, all the while a fan within the machine blowing across your skin to take the heat out. I took one for the team and turned up to the highest level; it was not at all uncomfortable but my skin did feel slightly warm after using which disappeared completely after about ten minutes. I would highly recommend that you use the goggles that are included – the flashes are very bright.

It’s a doddle to use – I’ve done the miniscule-window-takes-all-evening machines and by comparison this is certainly next generation in terms of ease of use. You could whip over your legs in ten minutes or so – it certainly took me no longer than that.

Iluminage TOUCH claims a 94% reduction in hair after 7 treatments (over roughly six weeks) – that’s exceptionally quick. You will probably need to do periodic (but very few) treatments after that, to keep on top of any new hair growth that lay dormant while you were treating initially.

I’m going to keep up the treatment programme – specifically under my arms; my legs have already had at home hair removal treatments so the hairs are quite sparse. Armpits, not so (or is that TMI?). Incidentally, you can use it on the face, but nowhere near the eyes.

Iluminage TOUCH
Iluminage TOUCH

From my initial test on both legs and underarms, I’m genuinely amazed at how easily Iluminage TOUCH is to use – and quick! You do need to experiment with the settings; once you’ve got an understanding of the variations, you can literally glide it up and down your legs (think lawnmower style) while it flashes so you don’t need to worry that you’re going over the same bits twice. There’s no reason for this not live up to expectations (as you can imagine it’s been trialled thoroughly) but I’ll report back when I’ve completed the 7 treatments. If you’re tempted on what I’ve told you so far QVC has it on a TSV today for £299.97 (with shaver attachment as well) HERE instead of the full retail price of £375. Even at £375, I think you’d quickly make up the money saved on waxing or salon treatments.

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