[unpaid/purchase/sample/affiliate] I’m sure I’m not alone in stocking up on hand sanitiser – they seem to have multiplied because in every bag, pocket and corner I seem to find them. The huge demand has now subsided a little and I expect it won’t be long before every single brand – luxury or high street – offers hand sanitiser as standard in their product roster.

Much as I love a soap, hand sanitisers are just so easy. I bought – early on – several tiny ones with a clip which have proved to be so useful and I’m ordering more to attach to jeans belt loops, bag handles (cuts down on rummaging) and even to my key ring so that I’m never without it. I keep a bottle of sanitiser at both kitchen and bathroom sinks (amazing how long it takes hot water to come through sometimes!) and have sent plenty to my mum and dad who otherwise would find it hard to source.

On our hall table by the front door, I keep a huge 500ml bottle so that every time we come back in to the house, it’s the first thing we see and therefore jogs the memory to use. It’s next to – as you can see – a decorative bowl that has become full of things it was never intended for such as keys, bits of ‘important’ paper, receipts and other such nonsense that nobody can quite be bothered to put somewhere else. Tell me it isn’t just me that started out with good decorative intentions and ended up with what is basically an open bin on display. I like the bigger bottles because if you find little bottles (such as the clip ones) that you particularly like you can easily refill from one large bottle.

The little ones are useful for pockets and bags and we are coming to the end of several which I will probably restock with the clip style (also handy for kids and even forgetful elderly relatives). That they smell of bubble gum or blueberries is neither here nor there – I’ve got used to the smell of bubble gum on my hands although the Bahoma scents (pomelo, lavender, ‘ocean’) are preferable.

Using sanitiser is one of the easiest pro-active things we can do to help ourselves when we have too few ways to do so – we still have to implement everything else, of course, but I find it comforting to have my little bottles dotted about helping me stay in control of one of the few things I can right now.

I’ve done a list of stockists below for the products I actually have here, but do look out for This Works Stress Check 500ml bottle HERE which is on my purchase list.

MAD Beauty Clips On – £3.50 each HERE

Bahoma London £19.99 500ml HERE

So – £1.49 (click and collect from Superdrug)

Cuticura – approx. £2 from Boots, Sainsbury’s, Superdrug

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