Grums Raw Coffee Hand Scrub

[productsample/affiliate] Since there is such a focus on recyclable packaging at the moment, this Danish brand immediately jumped out at me. While I have to admit that I find it hard to get excited about anything made with coffee grounds because I can’t help thinking that I could do this myself at home with a bit of olive oil and my own left over grounds, Grums is a little different with a 360 degree approach to sustainability.  A hand scrub is more manageable in terms of those devilish little grounds that get absolutely everywhere – I’ll never use them in a shower again – and since my hands are an area of wilful neglect at the moment, I feel more welcoming towards this than previous coffee stuff.

Apart from the fact that it smells great, the fine espresso grounds do a nice job of leaving hands feeling silky and smooth – pop on a hand cream afterwards and you’ve basically given them a quick facial. The packaging is made from plant-based materials derived from sugar cane, meaning that its low impact on the environment. The formula that the grounds are suspended in is vegan, paraben free, perfume free and colourant free. The coffee, incidentally, is collected from cafes and festivals where they have their first life, before being turned into a useful second life. I like it at £15 HERE non affiliate HERE for keeping by the kitchen sink and doing a little scrub up now and again – hands, I find, respond marvellously to even the smallest amount of attention.



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