[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] This is a very timely campaign from Escentual who are donating 30,000 Broad-Spectrum Sun Protection For Children SPF50 to school children on free school meals in Wales. The aim this year is to get some momentum before rolling out nationwide next year. To be honest, I’ve always thought that sun screen is something that should be available either free or subsidised for those who really need it – it can be expensive to keep children properly protected over the summer, and if it’s a choice between food and SPF you can see which will win. And it does come down to that for some families – let’s not be in any doubt over that one.

Escentual Broad-Spectrum Sun Protection For Children SPF50+

So, for every Escentual Broad-Spectrum Sun Protection For Children SPF50+  you buy (£6.95 HERE), one will be donated to the campaign and exactly the same will happen if you buy sun screen from Eucerin, Clarins or Bioderma, all of which I’d recommend as thorough and effective. The Escentual sun screen comes with a clip and just like sanitizers with a clip, you never forget to take it with you once it’s attached to your bag or your belt loop. I’m thinking sports kits, school bags and shopping bags.

Escentual Broad-Spectrum Sun Protection For Children SPF50+

There’s also space for a name to be written (I mean, you can get inventive here!) and each sun screen comes with a cartoon booklet advising on sun health and screen application. I’ve just seen that Clarins now has a Sun Stick (special price £16.95 HERE) if you like their sun products (which I do) and those are super handy as well – I’m using my Shiseido one a lot at the moment for my chest and hands before I take Honey out. Otherwise, a family size bottle of Bioderma Photoderm MAX SPF50 400ml for £27 is HERE. Escentual is also calling for an end to VAT on children’s sunscreen – that would be a good start I think. Anything that highlights sun protection in childhood is good in my book – so much sun damage happens when we’re young and while adults can make their own choices in the matter, armed with knowledge, children can’t.

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