[unpaid/sample/prioradrelationship] I honestly shudder when I remember the shortage of hand sanitizer last year. I was lucky that my mum had put some in my Christmas stocking and I hadn’t used it, and I later managed to get hold of some big bottles by searching high and low on the internet and just striking lucky again. It’s still very much in use in our household – I keep a bottle on the hall table and every single bag I have has a little travel bottle lurking at the bottom.

Emma Hardie Moisturising Hand Sanitizer

I very much like this version from Emma Hardie which has a bit more to it than most by being either an anti-bacterial hand wash OR a plain sanitizer. It’s really your preference how you use it – and I suppose to some extent whether water is available if you are out and about.

Emma Hardie Moisturising Hand Sanitizer

In terms of formula, it’s got all the right things to give you 99.9% protection from bacteria and viruses and contains Aquaxyl – a useful ingredient to have included for its ability to reduce moisture loss, strengthen the barrier function and give hydration. I’m not sure how it fares in the battle against alcohol because any extra ingredients have their work cut out there, but by including a film forming agent (which you can’t feel) moisture is held for longer that it would be with other more basic sanitizer ingredients. It’s got a mild scent of tea-tree, eucalyptus and lavender – which as a combination of fragrances should blow your boots off but doesn’t – that fades quickly to leave just a tiny trace. It’s £18 for the 240ml bottle and £7 for the little 60ml travel bottle HERE, either of which I’d recommend if you struggle with dryness using regular sanitizer.



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