[unpaid/ad/sample/affiliate] We’re all extra washing for very good reason, but goodness, my hands are dry! I thought I’d just do a very quick round up of the hand and nail products I really rate and am using up at a rate of knots. I’ve used Amazon as the stockist for as many as I can for delivery ease and speed (if you have Prime).

Dry Hand Saviours

Starting with the posh ones that I really enjoy using but tend to alternate with more moderate priced ones so they don’t get used up to quickly: Cle de Peau Beaute SPF18 (£70, HERE) is feather-light, floral scented and forms a light film that’s not the least bit sticky. By Terry Hand Cream (£32, HERE) is similar in textural lightness with a beautiful rose fragrance, and Chanel Le Creme Main (£38.25 on offer HERE) has a powdery scent with a skin softening light texture and brightening ingredients. That’s the main take away from the luxury hand creams – that you get the concentrated effectiveness of a heavy duty hand cream but in a much, much more agreeable texture. The one I’m using most at the moment is Cle de Peau.

Dry Hand Saviours

Burt’s Bees Hemp Hand Cream (£9.82 HERE) is a new product and feels somewhat cooling on the skin with a silky texture – I’m not sure I love the smell but can’t fault its hydrating properties. I’m including Diprobase Itch Relief Cream (previous ad relationship, £9, HERE) because itching can often come with dryness and hands are no exception so if you have that feel do stock up on this because broken skin is so sore. Good old Lano (£11.51 HERE) – this is heavy hydration using lanolin that will keep your hands in a moisturised state all day long and makes a fantastic overnight treatment.

Dry Hand Saviours

All my good work on my fragile nails is being undone so I’m doubling up (trebling actually) on making sure they’re really conditioned with oils and nail cream. Solar Oil (£6.95 for 7.3ml HERE) is the grand dame of nail oils and I keep a huge bottle by my bed. Regular use improves brittle and dry nails without a doubt. UKA 24:25 (£26 HERE) is the oil that I credit with bringing my sorry nails back to life in double quick time. It’s from Japan and is, I think, the fastest and most effective oil I’ve ever used. For handy, mindless nail hydrating in front of the TV, L’Occitane’s Shea Butter Nail & Cuticle Oil (£12 HERE) has a little brush at the tip so you can soothe yourself into a brushing rhythm that’s nothing short of lovely. The Rose version shown was a limited edition.

The one product that I couldn’t lay my hands on although I know I have it somewhere  is O’Keeffe’s Working Hands (£6.97 HERE previous ad relationship) that will out-perform anything you’ve used before in terms of protecting from moisture loss. It’s not, perhaps, as glamorous to use as the others but it is, as the name suggests, the ideal product for anyone whose hands are already cracking and sore.


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