[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I have tulips draped over the top of Decleor Romarin Daily Hand Wash Scrub because I dropped it and smashed the lid – so if you think it’s a little smothered in flowers, that’s why! It’s not a new product but I think it has recently taken on the name ‘romarin’ in place of ‘rosemary’ (same thing) but as far as I’m aware it’s still the same.

Decleor Daily Hand Wash Scrub

This is only mildly scrubby using walnut powder which is fine – if you’re using it daily, you certainly don’t need to be scraping your hands repeatedly. It’s really an absolute blast of rosemary – very fresh, very invigorating and just enough of the herbal edge taken off it that you won’t immediately associate it with roast dinner. Rosemary is one of those herbs that gives you a bit of a pick up because it’s somewhat bracing and Decleor has made this feel luxury and premium. In fact, I was surprised that it’s £22.50 because I thought it would be more. Even better that I’ve found it at Escentual for £17.33 HERE, non-affiliate HERE. I think maybe because it has the previous name on the label.

Decleor Green Mandarin Baume de Nuit

In the same package arrived Decleor Green Mandarin Baume de Nuit – come to think of it, it feels like a long time since I heard from Decleor so I’m pleased to see it again now (I just checked – 2019).  One of the best things about this night balm is the scent – I know a lot of people don’t like to have essential oils in their facial products but personally, I have never had a reaction to them so am happy to use them. It’s definitely a mix of ‘spa’ and citrus – a good inhale after warming on your hands before applying to your skin is a beautiful experience.

Decleor Green Mandarin Baume de Nuit

Looking at the Decleor website, it’s just not that clear exactly what it is for which seems strange. ‘Anti-fatigue and Vitamin Glow’ aren’t helpful enough I don’t think in helping to identify what benefits you might see. That said, it gets very good reviews for being nourishing and helping skin feel more supple and it will act as a barrier (bees wax and carnauba) to stop moisture disappearing. I feel I’d be just as inclined to use it on a winter bike ride as overnight in bed on a ‘dry’ day. I’ve given it a surface test of course – it did leave my skin beautifully softened and hydrated and I loved the aromatherapy aspect. Night balms aren’t all that common, and where they do occur, they’re often not that balmy but more of a thicker cream texture. This truly is a balm so you need the enclosed little stick to get a portion out. Because of the re-package (I assume), it’s £33.33 instead of £50 HERE.


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