[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] There’s so much to be said for products that squeeze out all the water and just give you what your skin really needs in the way of moisture. Beauty Kin is a relatively new brand that does exactly that using approximately 70% less water than would be needed in a similar liquid version of their products.

Beauty Kin Solid Bars

The hand feel on these bars is perfect – it just feels like it’s supposed to be in your hand. The versions I have are the Hydrating Body Bar and the Shaving Bar and they’re both delightful. I’d personally suggest that having the name of the product on the bar is more useful than having the brand name – if you’re committed to reducing liquid in beauty care you’ll end up with a lot of bars and they probably need to be more distinctive until you get used to them. It’s only a matter of time before you’re trying to hydrate your body with solid shampoo or washing your hair with a shaving bar.

Beauty Kin Solid Bars

The hydrating soap bar is refreshing with bergamot, just right for a morning wake up call in the shower. You quickly get a lather and there’s not the slightest trace of dryness after using. I like the line up of oils in this – tomato seed and squalane although the main oil is coconut. Glycerin is added to help hydration. The brand says you can use it on your face too – when I made my own soap bars I wanted them to be able to be used everywhere and you could easily use on the face but this bar is a bit more perfumed so where you use it is down to how comfortable you feel with that. The bar I am most drawn to is the shaving bar even though I rarely shave – just a few stray hairs on my legs which are more or less bare from laser treatments. It’s woody and lavender-ish in fragrance – you can use it as a regular body cleanser as well.

Overall, although I very much like these bars and will use them to the last slither, I don’t feel I know the true ‘Kin’ story – it’s lacking a little bit in personality I feel. I know what it takes to bring soaps to market and how consumers like to have as much information as they possibly can to bond them to a product or range … the products are good but I need a way to connect with them more. The bars are £9.95 each HERE – look out for the Exfoliating Bar with lactic acid that sounds like a super skin softener.


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