[unpaid/ad/purchased/affiliate]  Just when you think you’ve seen absolutely everything I am proud to bring you a Hole Cleaner.

A’Pieu Hole Cleaner

This is the result of the YesStyle rabbit hole where all the weird and wonderful products live. What hole is it for, I hear you ask. It turns out that it’s for ears and belly buttons and in my life I didn’t know there was a product for cleaning belly buttons.

A’Pieu Hole Cleaner

Ingredients include birch, fermented herbs and lemon as an exfoliator – it has a cooling feel on my skin (my hand, I hasten to add) with a lemony scent. The texture is a loose gel but I have so many questions – even discounting the very notion of putting it anywhere near my ear holes – I mean, do you fill your belly button right up, or just wipe around? I really don’t know. I might have a go at it but to be fair, I haven’t identified that area as being in need of any special cleaning. It looks okay to me but perhaps if you have a very deep one…? As I say, many, many questions.

PS: I have just done a thorough search and you apply to a cotton pad and swipe around – and I think I might try it on outer ears because they do, now I think about it, get neglected, if we compare to faces, eyes, mouths – they’re not getting nearly the same level of cleaning. It’s £5.04 HERE, non affiliate HERE.

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