[unpaid/sample] I’m useless with gadgets but if there was ever one built for me, this is it. Peep Club’s Eye Wand is more about eye care than anything although you might find some further benefits in skin smoothing. Predominantly, however, it’s for tired and dry eyes from screen use. I’m at my screen for hours a day and it really does upset my eyes – it was only a few weeks ago that I took a day off because I felt my eyes just needed a rest.

Peep Club Eye Wand

The wand uses a blend of red light technology (hence the possible side-benefits of collagen and elastin improvement) and gentle but fast vibration that stimulates the Meibomian gland and the lymphatic drainage system (so you could see less puffiness). Meibomian glands are miniscule oil glands which sit along the edge of the eyelids and secrete oil that form part of our tears.  The oils stop tears from drying too fast and leading to discomfort and need to be able to flow easily into tears. If they’re not working to their best capacity, that’s when your eyes can become dry feeling and uncomfortable.

Peep Club Eye Wand

You can turn the red light off so that you are just using the vibration and heat. It feels strange to massage the part of the eye – the closed lids – that normally you wouldn’t and my lids didn’t like it first until I turned the red light off for that part of the massage and then it became something very soothing and relaxing. In fact, it’s the sort of thing that if someone else was doing for you, you will have nodded off after moments. I put the red light back on for massage under and further up the lid. The whole thing is done in minutes and I really do feel the benefits of it in terms of being ‘brighter eyed’ by the time I’ve finished.

Peep Club Eye Wand

The Soothing Coconut Eye Balm (£20) is a light mix of coconut oil and chamomile and the ideal texture to use with the Eye Wand – it will last you for nearly ever because you need so little of it to lubricate what is a very small area. I love the Instant Relief Eye Spray with Sea Buckthorn oil and Sodium Hyaluronate (£15) – it is as it sounds – instantly relieving. Personally, I don’t feel the need for the Cleansing Lash Foam but it has anti-bacterial elements that may well be useful for some, particularly if you suffer from blepharitis or inflammation. I’m now in the habit of using almost every evening although you can use morning or both if you prefer. If you’re not a big screen user, and don’t have any issues with your eyes, obviously you won’t need this but if you are in front of a screen and/or have dry eyes the benefits are many. In fact, I did a little tot up of my screen use and it’s shocking really – if it’s not my laptop, it’s my phone and if it’s not my phone it’s my iPad and if it’s not my iPad it’s the TV. At weekends, my screen use drops dramatically. If anything the Peep Club Eye Wand has focussed me on ensuring I’m taking breaks mid-week too because I did the numbers. It’s easy to let screens overwhelm you without realising. The wand is £60 on pre-order at Victoria Health HERE.


Gently vibrating at a frequency of 10,000 pulses a minute, our Eye Wand effectively stimulates the Meibomian Gland (which is the secret to combatting dry eyes). As a bonus, this vibration also helps with Lymphatic Drainage to keep the eye area healthy.

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