While it’s something of a myth that eye colour fades as we age, it’s true that they can lack the same brightness and sparkle. Your eye colour is determined by melanin pigments and, barring certain illnesses, will remain the same throughout your life.

It’s everything around your eye colour that changes, meaning that where your eye colour once seemed intense, it may not do so later on in life. The surrounding skin tone may change (at any age, actually, but progressively), your hair colour may change (again, at any age, and progressively) and the whites of your eyes can go slightly discoloured, not looking as bright white as they did. All this has a knock on effect on how your eye colour appears to those looking at you.

eye image brown Eye Image Boots Blue

So, Acuvue have come up with Define lenses – pre-pigmented lenses that accentuates the dark line at the outer border of your iris. In turn, that creates more definition between the iris and the whites, making eyes look brighter. It’s really, really simple but a bit genius at the same time! The lenses also have highlights on them that add more contrast and depth – don’t worry, they’re so subtle that they’re way off ‘coloured lenses’.

I’m using a couple of contrast pictures so you can see the difference, and since my laser eye surgery effects are starting to wear off (I have had much longer than the promised 10 years on this treatment and would recommend in a heartbeat), they’re definitely something to consider. Nobody wants to wear contacts – I’m not sure anyone really wants to wear glasses either – but this definitely the kind of everyday product that can have a positive impact for the beauty+.

Acuvue Define is the biggest selling lense in Asia – and that kind of info always makes me sit up and listen. Boots have got the exclusive on this range with a five day free trial offer.

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