While I was away in France, the subject of waxing came up. One of the ladies I was with said that in her area they had a male waxer who was billed to be rather brilliant with a Brazilian. 

It got me thinking whether this is something to be squeamish about or not. Certainly, it’s awkward enough having anyone rip the hairs out of your nethers, but I think for me if it was a man it would be doubly excruciating. I might say that while sexuality shouldn’t really come in to it, I think in this case it is pertinent to point out that he is gay, and therefore not the slightest bit interested in any voyeuristic angle. 

On the one hand, if he’s a talented and trained waxer and is going to give you an amazing wax, it shouldn’t really matter, should it? But on the other hand, no. Just no. 

I’m interested to hear what BBB readers think on the matter – would you let yourself be man-handled for a wax or would you prefer the women-only option. Let me know!  

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