So, my nails are in severe rehab to get them into perfect condition to wear this fabulous look, but while I’m completely confident that I’ll be able to paint my left hand with my right, the little question of how I’ll manage the other way round keeps popping into my head. So, thanks to the fabulous nail technician Jenny Longworth, when the Couture collection launches on the 21st August, I’ll be prepared (although I’m still going to invest in some paper half moons just in case….).

How to get the Perfect YSL Couture Manicure.

1. Before polishing prep the nail by “squeaking”. Using a cotton pad and polish remover, wipe over the surface of the nail, being sure to get down the side walls and under the free edge of the nail. This will remove any naturally occurring oils from the nail plate, ensuring a clean surface for the polish to adhere to.

2. Always begin with a base coat. Again this will create an ideal surface for the polish to grip to, helping to prevent from staining and chipping. YSL’s La Laque base, top and care coat will do just this and is a super versitile product, illiminating the need to carry a seperate top coat.

3. When applying your first coat of colour, wipe any excess of one side of the brush when removing from the neck of the bottle. This will ensure there is just the right amont of polish on the brush so that you don’t flood the nail. Apply the first coat by pushing down and back onto the centre of the nail, getting as close to the cuticle as possible without touching the skin. Try to paint the nail in 3 strokes, one down the centre and one down each side. YSL’s flat, panoramic brush will adapt to the contour of your nail helping to give you a perfect finish. After painting all 10 fingers, repeat this process again as 2 coats of polish will ensure an even coverage of colour.

4. When painting your tip, use the angled brush in one horizontal motion across the free edge of the nail. Doing this in one motion will give you a cleaner, neater line for the tip. Repeat this process twice on all fingers, again to get a bolder finish with your colour. Don’t worry at this stage about excess polish on the finger tips as this can be cleaned up later.

5. Using a cotton bud soaked in some remover go around the edge of the fingers to clean up any of the excess polish. At this stge I like to use a brush (an old lip brush is perfect) dipped in some remover to go around the cuticle area and create a clean line at the base of the polish.

6. Finally, finish with a coat of La Laque base, top and care, “floating” this over the polish. This means not putting too much pressure on the brush so as not to drag and spoil the design. Finish by running the top coat over the tip of the free edge to cap and seal in the polish. This is crucial for prevention of chips and you will really see the difference in wear of your polish.

Remember the Couture Manicure is all about experimantation so don’t be afraid to play about with colour combinations and designs. Try using the angled brush to create assymetic tips, bare half moons, and alternative smile lines. The Couture Manicure is all about creating an infinity of possible looks so have fun with it!

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