Wonder Honey Smooth & Refresh Body Sheet
Wonder Honey Smooth & Refresh Body Sheets

So, this is a simple enough idea – refreshing wipes for the body. They’re not for the face and not for intimate areas, and nor are they ‘cologne’ inspired  – they’re just for when you want to feel fresher and cooler. They’re perfect for hot and sticky days when you’re in a t-shirt or dress and could easily just do a quick wipe down to help yourself feel better and less hot and bothered. And yet, in the UK, almost the only uses for this type of wipe are post-sport or medical. There is a festival inspired range (HERE) for when there really are no showers, but the Wonder Honey Smooth & Refresh Body Sheet aren’t really for ‘washing’ as such, but more as a body freshener.

Wonder Honey Smooth & Refresh Body Sheet
Wonder Honey Smooth & Refresh Body Sheet

This particular variety is from Japanese brand, Wonder Honey, and they smell like freshly washed clothes to me – kind of floral and bright. They’re cold to the touch so there is definitely a built in cooling treatment but I’m thwarted by the Japanese and can’t tell what it is. But, my arms stayed cool for a good few minutes and on a hot London day, I cannot tell you how nice it is! We have cooling sprays so I really don’t know why cooling and refreshing body wipes aren’t more readily available. You will also LOVE these if you wake up with heat in the night, especially hot flushes which often are accompanied by perspiration – a quick wipe down and all’s good til morning (or the next rise of heat!).

I should add in that Wet Ones does a Cooling Body Wipe but comparing those to the Wonder Honey soft, floral and delicate ones – well, you can’t really compare. Popular wipes in Japan include the Biora SaraSara in Fresh Soap scent and those are easily available on Amazon (HERE), although these leave a little bit of powder on the skin or Gatsby Ice on Ebay (HERE) or Amazon.

I think my point is that you can’t buy these in the UK as standard – we don’t think twice about carrying hand sanitizer or spritzes in our handbags on hot days, but never think even once about these. I’d carry them!



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