I had an inkling that this was about to happen a while ago, but last week was manic with lots of PR meets and launches, and the message that is coming over loud and clear right now is that magazines are irked by the beauty blogs. In fact, it seems several PRs looking after high profile brands have been asked not to show products to beauty bloggers ahead of time, feeling that beauty exclusives should be for magazines, particularly weeklies and supplements, as tradition has dictated.

Although it’s being done more discretely than the obvious fashion journalists’ distress at their LFW being ruined by ‘liggers with laptops’ (their words, not mine), nonetheless, the message is still there.

As ever, I put this to the blogosphere for their words of wisdom, but my views are as follows:

Beauty blogging isn’t going away – if anything, it is going to get stronger, with more and more amazing beauty blogs jumping on this highspeed, driverless train;

The World Wide Web does exactly what it says on tin: information is so much more accessible to everyone and no amount of complaining is going to change that: if it’s out there, it’s ours;

Beauty consumers who read beauty blogs do so exactly for up to the minute information and unbiased reviews – beauty blogs feed a need and desire for instant knowledge and there isn’t a way to compete with that on paper;

Long after the copy of your magazine has made its way to recycling, blog news and reviews are there forever. For anyone to see, at any time – present or future.

Beauty blogs listen – and provide a place for beauty fans and consumers to talk.

The reach of beauty blogs is infinite.

This list could run on for pages really, but it is my view that insisting on exclusives in this ‘now’ world doesn’t do the brands and products justice – it’s a one shot, disposable hit that may bring short-term dividends, but long term, I don’t think so. I’ve said before that the last thing in the world I want to see is a ‘them’ and ‘us’ situation, but then bloggers aren’t insisting on exclusives and pettily refusing to feature at all if conditions aren’t met.

Ultimately, everything’s different now. Get used to it.

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