Cordless Waterpik
Cordless Waterpik

Genuinely, I have asked for this for Christmas! My family always consider it a total pain that I work in beauty because that whole arm of Christmas gifting has gone – there’s only so much beauty product one face can have.

I have had two Philips Airflossers – they both inexplicably stopped working so I’ve given up on that one and instead am looking at the Waterpik, because water flossing is definitely the way to go for me.  I have quite sensitive teeth, especially at the front, but never had any problem using Airfloss so I don’t anticipate any issues with Waterpik, but I would advise not to use freezing cold water. The best thing is adding in a few drops of mouthwash to the water so that you get a very fresh sloosh. I’m so not a fan of mint – I can put up with it for brushing teeth but always look for the least minty options for mouthwash.

I hate everything about flossing from those sad little bits of string to the two-hand contortions needed to get to the very back teeth – urgh – I’m doing it under protest every time so I cannot wait for Christmas and no more stringy flossing!

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