I’ve been taking part in a sponsored trial for Viviscal for the past five months, with one month still to run. Viviscal is a daily supplement for hair to maintain healthy growth, something that hormonal disturbances can really disrupt.


While I’ve been quietly taking my two-a-day, Viviscal has released more research to show that hair is positively impacted and I can give you a summary of the findings. First of all, the dermal papilla is the control centre of the hair, responsible for nourishing each strand (bearing in mind that hair is the last place on your body to get nutrition it’s rather a case of whatever skin, bones, blood, organs don’t need, hair gets). That’s a tough job! Increasing the number of dermal papilla cells obviously helps and Viviscal findings showed a 37% increase in the proliferation of these cells. The result is that hair is able to grow thicker and fuller.

Next up, Alkaline Phosphotase levels. These are established as being linked to inducing new hair. To explain what these are (argh..) I’m using Viviscal’s own words: ‘Alkaline Phosphotase is a key molecular message expressed by the dermal papilla cells’. I know, I couldn’t have put it better myself :-). Viviscal’s tests showed an 87% increase in AP levels.

This is all very well, but after five months, what can I see as a genuine result on myself? There is, beyond any doubt, an improvement to the strength and condition of my nails. On that alone, I’d continue taking the supplements. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I’ve all but stopped doing nail swatches because my nails were falling apart with softness and flakiness and were less and less in any kind of condition to take pictures of. I’m past the point of ‘are they better, or aren’t they?’ when I just started to notice but wasn’t sure enough to put it down to the supplements at around the three month mark. Now, I know they’ve made all the difference.

On my hair, I’m still at that ‘is it or isn’t it better?’ stage – where I was with my nails a few weeks back. I think I’m beginning to notice less hair coming out on my hairbrush when I’m washing and drying, but can’t quite say for definite yet.

Overall though, I’m buoyed by the impact that has taken place on my nails, and with one month to run on Viviscal, I’m thinking I might give it longer still than the six month contract. This type of supplement has to be a leap of faith initially because results can take so long to be sure of no matter what any scientist says. But, I’ve recommended it to a couple of friends on the basis that I think it’s working and they’re at the beginning of their journey.

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So, I’ll be back in one month, or maybe two, when I can be really sure one way or another. In the meantime, nails? Yes.


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