One of my constant quests is to have more energy – since cutting out wheat I am not so prone to dips and dives in energy but I can’t say losing the grain has given me more.
When I heard about The Energy Clinic HERE and energy infusions, I really had to give it a try. Basically, an infusion in this instance means a drip containing a blend of vitamins designed to boost those areas that are draining energy. I could not get my arm out quick enough to get the needle inserted. Some say, however, vitamin infusions will constitute the most expensive wee you’ll ever produce.
First, though, Dr Griesz-Brisson, who runs the clinic, is both a conventional and complimentary doctor. Her core beliefs are that taking responsibility for your health shouldn’t be left to the NHS, or quick fixes such as headache tablets, but that each person should be mindful of looking after their own body. The longer you look after yourself well, the less time you will spend sick. Which, makes total sense. 
Her thoughts on what makes injections and infusions more reliable than every day supplements also make alarming sense. By the time your supplement has passed through the liver and the digestive system, your body has only received a fraction of what was initially taken. However, I am pretty sure that there are arguments for and against that could fill books, not blogs, so I won’t get into it here. 
She is in agreement with me that my constant craving for sun and huge energy depletions on very grey days (I am half the person on a grey day than on a sunny day) are down to a lack of vitamins; but surprisingly she doesn’t diagnose vitamin D. You can’t infuse Vitamin D because it is fat soluble as opposed to water soluble so won’t transfuse well. She hooked up my (pretty pink) drip containing Vitamins B1, B6, B12 and Folic Acid along with Hypericum (or more commonly known as St John’s Wort) to treat the nervous system. When you are stressed one of the first places to feel it is your nervous system and while that may not be obvious, the knock on effects, when all your body functions slow down (liver, kidney, digestion etc) it really is obvious.
Now, I am the last person to believe in airy-fairy stuff, but Dr Griesz-Brisson had me lying on a magnetic blanket after doing some kinesiology to diagnose my weakest areas. I find it very, very hard to believe that these things do anything, but she did come to the same conclusion as me – that my body is exhausted and pretty well running on empty. This, I knew, but it’s very reassuring to hear someone else say it out loud.
So, back to the infusion. Well, other than a cold arm and some rather weird stomach gurgling, it was really pretty uneventful. I was advised to rest so I came straight home, and she also gave me the alarming news that some patients end up doing the biggest poo of their life, post-infusion. I am praying that doesn’t happen to me – even if it does, I won’t be sharing the news! 
Obviously, I can’t feel any effects yet but I am really looking forward to the next few days to see if anything happens. Ideally, I’d need a course of ten infusions, which I’m not really prepared to do at up to £200 a time, but I certainly can budget for at least a couple more if the results are good. I’ve heard such positive things about infusions that I am convinced that they will do something for me. 
If you need a pre or post-Christmas boost of energy, it’s a good time to experiment. I found Dr Griesz-Brisson to be nothing but kind and entirely sympathetic. She didn’t issue me with any food-ban fatwahs or lecture me on lifestyle; she just dealt with what was right in front of her, and I feel grateful for that. Sometimes circumstances are that you can’t really make any major changes and the last thing I need is a lecture on things I can’t do much about. I felt I was in a caring environment and that she really understood that my craving for sun and light was intense.  I will of course, report back on the top line (emissions excluded!) if there are any results in energy levels. 
Dr Griesz-Brisson: The Energy Clinic, 100 Harley Street, London W1G 7JA. 020 7486 7010.

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