I really wasn’t happy to give up my beloved BIOEffect serum for a month but this range of French skin care caught my eye enough that I really did want to trial it properly. I’ll begin by saying that it is outrageously expensive, which made me want to try it all the more because at that price level I do think I can make a judgement on whether it is good enough to warrant the best part of £200 per product. It all gets a bit hazy in the mid-point market about whether something is truly worth the money, but at Visoanska prices I know I need to see some pretty good results.

I tried Formule Anti-Age Extreme, £190, which is designed for skin aged 50+ (which I am not, I might add! The other option was a cream for 35+ which I am, so we split the difference and I ended up with the 50+). I also tried Formule Longevite Cellulaire, £180 for night-time. Combined, the creams  promise even pigmentation, cellular longevity, self-repair and tissue renewal, wrinkle correction, a firmer facial contour, redensifying of the skin and a brighter complexion – whew! Both products come with supplements cleverly built into the bottle of creams (at the bottom) to lessen the chance of forgetting to take them. 

So, at about week three, I kept trying to come up with words to describe how my skin felt – and who kept popping up in my head? Jane Fonda, with her ‘my skin feels more resiliant’ line for L’Oreal’s Age Perfect range. Because, that’s exactly how my skin feels – more resiliant and stronger. Which is weird. I’ve used products that have made my skin feel more taut or firmer, but this is altogether another sensation that I can only describe a la Jane Fonda. I guess for fragile skin this would be a remarkable bonus. It’s easy to forget that the ageing process can be truly harsh on some women, particularly those whose skin is delicate and fragile. 

Apart from that, there is a general look of skin well-being – I can’t say that I’ve noticed a decrease in pigmentation but it probably didn’t help that I went on holiday for a week in the sun during the test. Lines and wrinkles? Yes, they’re not looking bad at all, but then neither has there been a dramatic change. And, I’d have to say my complexion doesn’t look particularly brighter.

All in all, I do believe Visoanska’s claims of redensifying and self-repair, which in itself is quite exceptional after only one month, but would I pay the better part of £500 (if I included the eye cream) for a month’s supply? Well, that’s just not possible. If I won the lottery of course, I wouldn’t blink an eye over it, but for the normal budget, I’d say it is just too highly priced. I highly recommend the creams but not enough to re-mortgage the house. 

I’m also aware that the creams are developed in conjuction with French specialists in cosmetology, biotechnology and dermatology and use 12 anti-ageing ingredients (including red fibre baobab.. 65 times more effective at collagen building than vitamin C) chosen for their power. And, 93% of the ingredients come from natural sources. It’s made without petrochemicals, parabens, silicones or chemical emulsions and if you add up high cost ingredients, bio-technology advances and tricks of the trade to eliminate any nasties, I can see why it adds up to such a lot.

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