Vichy LIftActiv

If you’re a regular BBB reader, you’ll know I’m trialling Vichy LiftActiv Supreme and this is the second of three posts about the progress.

Last time, I said I’d tell you why my face tastes of caramel, because this is something I notice every single day about this product! Don’t worry, I haven’t taken to licking my own face, but there is an inevitable over spill onto the lips when applying and it gets me every time! At first, I kept wondering why my lips were so sweet – I put it down to gloss at first but then when it happened at night, it could only be one thing! Vichy LiftActiv Supreme! Specifically, as it turns out, the anti-oxidant ingredient Neohesperidin which is a citrus/bitter orange derivative.

As a quick update, Vichy’s take on this is to eliminate ‘over-day ageing’ – that thing that happens to everyone where your skin looks perky in the morning but knackered by nightfall. Even if you are personally knackered, that’s not something that should really physically show on your skin. But as we all know, particularly the older age groups, your face by the evening is not how it started off!

The main thing I’ve been taking note of is my skin at the beginning and end of the day – regardless of the state of my make up (because I think that once your make up starts to wear off you generally lose that fresher look, so it was a priority not to be swayed by make up, but instead to really examine the skin). What I’ve found with Vichy LiftActiv Supreme is that for a week or so, it did nothing. Then I started to feel that my skin was firmer and certainly moisture balanced. Then I noticed no difference for a couple of weeks, and hey presto, suddenly there was another change. So, it did nothing, did nothing, did nothing…then boom! It did something. This isn’t a quick fix cream and definitely needs time to start taking effect.

My skin is much smoother than when I started off – thanks to Adenosine and caffeine, that supposedly counteract creases settling through the day. This bit does ring true because beginning of day and end of the day there is little difference now in how my skin looks. So, not fatigued, not crumpled – it’s on an even keel thoughout.

Vichy LiftActiv Supreme has optical correctors and it’s the one element of the cream that I struggle to see a difference in – I am not noticably brighter, I don’t think. Nonetheless, friends have been commenting on my skin in a positive way and it’s nice to have that affirmation, that it’s not just me that thinks there’s a difference.

So far – and I have one more update post to go – I am pretty damn delighted with this. It doesn’t look as good as it is – I’m not sure you’d naturally pluck this from the shelf, but if you’re 40+, I would recommend it very highly. At £31 it’s on the pricy side – it’s more expensive than I thought it would be.. but if you’ve got Boots points saved up, then consider Vichy LiftActiv Supreme HERE.


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