Vichy Ideal Soliel In Shower After Sun
Vichy Ideal Soleil In Shower After Sun

I blogged about this new product a few weeks ago – at that stage I hadn’t tried it but was talking about in-shower after sun being such a handy thing. Well, now I have tried it and since I got sun burned, my arm has started to peel hugely, so it’s all guns blazing getting as much moisture onto my skin as I possibly can. I’m loving the soothing nature of the Lavera after sun, but basically, whatever else I think can possibly help is being thrown on my body!

You can use this as an oil or as an in shower oil – I’m doing the latter – loving it because it takes me straight back to my holiday as it has that suncreamy smell that makes me think of the happy things.. and yes, it does leave a softened and moisturised effect. It does contain alcohol, which can often dry, but this isn’t the case for me and it’s indicated for sensitive skin so seems to be a sensible step for my poor old arm! Predominantly, though, Vichy Ideal Soleil In Shower After Sun has shea oil, apricot kernel, coriander seed and blackcurrent seed, so a proper fatty acid laden drink for skin.

The whole dry skin thing is very weird for me because normally my skin exists (thanks to Imedeen I have to say) in a balanced state, but despite it being predominantly my arm that was over exposed (let’s not talk about my stupid cleavage which thankfully isn’t peeling to add insult to injury) my skin is quite dry at the moment – including my face. I am masking like a mad woman and drinking huge amounts of coconut water as well as putting anything and everything that might help on various body parts. The upside of the sorry story is that I’m trying and testing lots of skincare on places that actually really need it and very much enjoying doing so.

Vichy Ideal Soleil In Shower After Sun would be in my post-holiday line-up or if I ever took a big case for the carousel of horror, a brilliant ‘belt and braces’ product to have on a sun filled holiday. Escentual has it HERE on offer.

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