Since I had Botox in my upper lip last week to smoothe out fine lines around the mouth, I’ve had a few surprises! Firstly, the result is fabulous – the upper lip area certainly looks less creased and very smooth. However, the unexpected effects are proving a bit tricky. Forget sucking from a straw! I just simply can’t do the pucker that’s needed enough for it to be effective. I’ve also noticed that my speech is not nearly as clear as it was – who knew you needed that upper lip movement so much? I’ve also – being totally honest now, so no judgemental comments thanks, found it much harder to smoke – again because the old pucker isn’t up to it! I’m hoping it wears off quickly because sounding a bit slurry mid morning isn’t giving the right impression I feel. Saying that, it could just be a question of adjustments – and it’s not a very common procedure, maybe for the reasons I’ve outlined above. But, its a Botox treatment that I really wanted to try. Part of the job is being curious enough to discover exactly how these treatments work and report back. Now I know! Would I recommend it? I’m not sure. I need to see what it’s like in a week or so when I’ve got more used to it and longer term when there will be an optimum point at which the muscles aren’t so frozen but are still giving a good look. It’s definitely a trial and error treatment… this space!

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