With a limited edition pre-Christmas release of only 300 (but plenty more after Christmas) I’ve finally had a go at it. 

It’s incredibly simple – you literally just slot in the wax block and then plug the compact machine in. After about 20 minutes the wax is at the optimum temperature. The roller device on top of the wax block is very effective and delivers the perfect slick of wax onto the leg. However, I’d have to say that the wax isn’t powerful to really remove all hairs in one pull – and that is very annoying. A major part of the sell of this gadget is that it is the same wax used in salons, but unless you have the lightest of hair, it doesn’t really seem to grip in the way you’d expect a salon wax to. And, given that it is sold as an alternative to salon waxing, it really  has to be able to deliver. I had to go back over several areas and if you’ve got sensitive skin, that’s the last thing you want to be doing. Without an unsavoury over-share, I don’t think you could call the hair on my legs unusually coarse or anything. I used about six of the ten fabric strips and my legs aren’t what I’d call fully waxed, but I was winter-lazy and couldn’t be bothered to do the backs.

There aren’t enough fabric strips either in the set – you will definitely need more than the amount supplied. I used about the same amount of strips as I’d use with my usual strip-wax sheets, so I guess it will depend upon how much the extra strips are as to whether it would make a saving in the long term.

The mechanism is spot-on – brilliant, in fact – but until they use a more grippy wax, this is a pass from me.

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