Phew.. there’s a bit of a story to me getting to see this product – at first I was really against looking at another ‘beauty gadget’. I’m so bored of ultra-expensive electrical gadgets that take a million times as long as it would at any salon and often with far less of a result as well, so I said no, I wasn’t interested. The PR, to her credit, persisted and I eventually agreed to a five minute meet-up and I fully expected it to be another promise laden, pricy item that nobody really needs. BUT! So glad I actually did take the time to look at it, because it’s pretty genius – and not too expensive, either.

The Veet Easywax contains the same wax formula used in salons, heats it to the perfect temperature and keeps it at that temperature until you’ve finished, has a wide applicator head that rolls out wax with even application (and optional narrow head for what the PR delicately called ‘tricky areas’) and it works on hairs as short as 2mm.

What this means is that if you like to home-wax, no more boiling hot wax fresh from the microwave, no more sticky incidents and no more waiting for an appointment at the salon. I really, genuinely love this idea – hair removal is one of life’s truly great tedious things, so anything that makes it easier is a plus for me. You simply put a wax refill into the waxer, plug it in for 20 mins, and you’re ready to wax.

For reasons known only to themselves, there are only 300 available before Christmas and they’ll be sold on for £29.99. It’s all so new and last-minute that I don’t have an exact date, but the 16th of this month has been mentioned. If I find out any earlier a definite day I’ll let you know.

I need to also state that I haven’t tried it yet.. I only got hold of it today, but already I’m really impressed that it’s potentially an extremely useful beauty gadget.

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