Okay, call me deeply suspicious but this whole Urban Decay story is really starting to jar with me. First, they are going into China where animal testing is mandatory totally against their animal testing policy, next they ‘have listened to their fans’ and aren’t going into China because of the uproar. Now, they’ve somehow scooped up an award – Courage in Commerce – from US PETA. For what? For making a massively commercial decision undermining every standard they ever stood for, realising they’d given themselves the worst PR since MAC and Rodarte, fleeing for the hills when they realised the outcry and swiftly reversing the decision? And then for that they receive a ‘Courage in Commerce’ award. Something is not right here… 

I can guarantee you that UD will go into China; the poisoning tests that China currently insists on are soon to be phased out anyway as the Chinese government is about to accept its first ever non-animal tests (largely aided, I might say, by US PETA scientists which is commendable). I’m feeling very much as though this entire thing might be a monumentally mishandled marketing drive. I don’t know that to be true of course, but it’s my personal feeling.

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