Right, well it has been several months since I started using both these electrical beauty gadgets. I’m still delighted with the Clarisonic – I don’t use it every day but at least three times a week, and it genuinely cleans the skin in a way that is just impossible with regular cleansing techniques. Is it worth the splash-out? I’d say, yes – if you want a hard working tool that is practical and effective. I reserve my opinion on whether it does truly allow other products to function better and therefore can be called anti-ageing, but nonetheless, still a fabulous gadget.

SlenderTone Face again, is a hard working gadget – I’ve slipped up on using it as regularly as I should, but at least this does allow me to see for myself that my skin looks better when I am using it than when I’m not. Not in terms of less wrinkles particularly, but certainly in terms of ‘glow’ – as well as tautening muscles that control crinkles, SlenderTone Face increases bloodflow and circulation, and that’s where – for me – it’s attraction lies. Skin looks generally more luminous and clear. I’ve said before that SlenderTone Face comes from a pedigree background and I have no reason to doubt that it does indeed firm wrinkles…but I think it will take some considerable time to actually see this result, whereas the increased circulation issue is almost immediately obvious.

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