A couple of weeks ago I had a vitamin infusion at The Energy Clinic, run by Dr Marguerita Griesz-Brisson. I had a selection of B Vitamins and a side order of Hypericum (St John’s Wort). 

So, the upshot was that while I didn’t feel any radical changes in my energy level, I did get a wonderful sense of calm that lasted for about five days. It is recommended that you have a course of ten… I would certainly have a few more, so maybe expecting great things from one infusion was an over-expectation on my part. I had a very busy week last week with three really late nights and managed it better than I would normally, but I wasn’t bouncing off the walls! So, another couple of goes at least for me on this. I definitely got benefits, of that there is no doubt, but they were gentle ones. 

A single infusion is £120.

Dr Griesz-Brisson: The Energy Clinic, 100 Harley Street, London W1G 7JA. 020 7486 7010.


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